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About Starich International

Starich International, is a full service travel agency providing services to all leading companies.

We proudly present a diverse collection of meticulously crafted itineraries spanning the globe, each a testament to our prowess in execution and dedication to impeccable service. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to those who have entrusted us with the privilege of curating, orchestrating, and enhancing their vacations. Anticipating the prospect of orchestrating countless more memorable getaways, we pledge to transform tour planning from a daunting endeavor to an effortless experience.

Envision a seamless journey as we stand ready to offer comprehensive travel support, catering to both corporate expeditions and leisure escapades. A single phone call connects you to a world of travel-related assistance, just waiting to make your dreams a reality

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Why Choose Us


Starich International’s mission is to become the first choice for companies and clients. Our team of highly skilled personnel is highly dedicated to learning as much as possible about different destinations. We can recommend perfect destinations for the type of adventure that you want to experience, and other details about anything that you may be curious about.

Our Promises

We make sure to follow through our promises to our clients, partners and people. We also encourage identification of issues, as well as maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive details and information. Most importantly, we offer the extra value added services that cannot be claimed by any of our competitors, including world class, round the clock customer service solutions, and the capacity to customize your requests.

Quality Services

There is an assurance that quality services are provided with the help of:
– Experienced personnel
– Financial strength
– Advanced technological systems
– Innovations

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